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Medical Oversight Form FAQs


What's a pad?

Pads are what a first responder would attach to a patient's chest or back during an event. These pads connect the AED to the patient, and conduct the life saving electricity that can restart a heart.

What's a "backup pad?"

The American Heart Association recommends that AEDs have a second pad nearby in case the first pad fails during a cardiac event. This is called a backup pad. A backup pad is not required, simply recommended.

What is the difference between an adult pad and a child pad?

An adult pad is intended for use on adults, whereas a child pad is intended for use on children. Some pads can be used for both adults and children. Your pad should indicate if it is an adult or child pad. If you need assistance deciphering the difference between the two, call our customer service line at 612-355-6004.

I have a child pad but I don't see anywhere to enter it in. What do I do?

Some AEDs have pads that have an adult and child combo pack, therefore the adult pad and child pad have the same expiration and there is no need to enter them in separately. This may be why you don't see a place to enter in a child pad expiration date.

Where is the pad expiration listed?

Follow this link for help: https://lifeline.supplies/pages/where-to-find-your-pads-expiration-date


Model and Manufacturer

My AED Model or Manufacturer isn't in the dropdown menu. What do I do?

Select "Other" from the dropdown menu and we will reach out to you to help you find out which Manufacturer and Model you have.

How can I tell what Model or Manufacturer my AED is?

Follow this link for help: https://lifeline.supplies/pages/how-to-find-the-aed-manufacturer-model



I don't know the location of our AED(s). What do I enter into the form?

That's alright! Type "not yet known" into the location. We will follow up with you shortly to obtain this information.



How do I find the serial number on my AED?

Follow this link for help: https://lifeline.supplies/pages/where-to-find-your-aeds-serial-number

I don't know a needed piece of information about my AED. What do I do?

If you follow the links and aren't able to get a sufficient answer, please call our customer service line to get assistance locating the information you need. 612-355-6004